TrainingIMCR offers one of the best mediation apprenticeship programs in the country. Because of the breadth of subject matter, landlord/tenant, consumer, real estate, business, interpersonal, PINS, early intervention, senior and custody, students apprenticing at IMCR are exposed to a broad spectrum of different mediation cases. The cost of our  apprenticeship program is $600 dollars. During the apprenticeship phase each participant in the apprenticeship program is accompanied by a mentor or seasoned mediator throughout their mediation sessions.

To receive certification, a mediation student or apprentice must complete 12 co-mediation sessions at IMCR before being evaluated. If the students successfully pass the evaluation they are recommended for certification as a mediator, and later sworn-in by a Bronx County Judge during a swearing-in ceremony which is scheduled each year. Community Mediation Centers certify their mediators since there is no state certification for mediators in New York.