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IMCR’s roots are in The Bronx: the heart of New York City’s melting pot and the most diverse area of the country.  Nearly 40% of the current and historic population has been born abroad or overseas.  55% speak a language other than English at home.

From our earliest work in this community, we’ve developed techniques to bridge cultural differences.  This knowledge and perspective directly impacts our ongoing work with international clients.

And IMCR is proud of bilingualism. All our coursework, training sessions, and consultations are offered in Spanish as well as English.

Mediation is an ancient art that has roots in many cultures and communities; it is not a western export. As such, our goal is to develop an organic response, never to impose a predetermined one.

Whatever our location, our process is always the same. We go in with ears open, looking not only to understand the issues, but the context – and how community norms and traditions influence those issues. It is our view that successful resolutions grow from a thorough immersion in the client’s cultural framework.

IMCR’s achievements on the global stage are extensive.  We have:

  • Provided ADR training and assistance in Malaysia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the People’s Republic of China, and Kenya, among others.
  • Trained Elementary school teachers and Law students in the art of Mediation in Ecuador.
  • Offered Train-the-Trainer workshops for ADR professionals in Ecuador.
  • Provided ADR training and technical support to DIRAC, the Nicaraguan Supreme Court of Justice Mediation and Arbitration Program, from 2000 to 2012.
  • Selected for Nicaragua’s procurement BID/1074/SF/NI regarding the establishment of four indigenous Community Mediation Centers through Project CAMINOS.

International consulting has never been more relevant. IMCR Trainers are skilled listeners and communicators from a variety of fields and backgrounds, specifically in multi-cultural and international settings.

Our pioneering history has made us a conflict resolution think tank, attracting top talent and a deep academic bench. These unparalleled resources are at your disposal.

To inquire about an International Consulting Program for your company or organization, please use the following form, email directly to trich@imcr.org or you may call (718) 585-1190 for a no-obligation consultation.

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