Date: August 12 to 16,  2024 from 9:00 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Place: IMCR Dispute Resolution Center located at
369 E. 148 Street, Lower Level, Bronx, NY 10455

The Training

The training is experiential, educational, and empowering. It emphasizes a hands-on approach while addressing current trends in mediation. The latest developments in the field are discussed as well as strategies for successful implementation. The workshop is designed to enhance trainees’ facilitation skills, explore a wide variety of conflict scenarios through meaningful role plays and provide the necessary tools to improve personal and interpersonal relationships.

In order to allow quality development among our trainees, with the exception of Mercy College students, the Center accepts a maximum of 16 participants. After completion of training, trainees may be eligible to participate in the Center’s apprenticeship program and serve as a volunteer Certified Mediator.

Key Topics

  • Building Blocks of Self-esteem
  • Role of Perception and Conflict
  • Values and Stages of the Mediation Process
  • Different ADR processes
  • Listening and Communication Skills
  • Culture and Conflict
  • Moving Parties from Position to Interest
  • Addressing Parties’ Power Imbalance
  • Identifying Domestic Violence
  • Dealing With Attorneys and Witnesses
  • Drafting Balanced Agreements
  • Mediators’ Ethics

CLE Credit

New York attorneys can receive 38 CLE Skills credits for completing the Community Mediation Training.

Training Cost

The cost of the training is $850. Workshop fees will only be refunded in full if workshop is cancelled by IMCR. If a participant withdraws from the session prior to the first day of training, IMCR will refund the participant’s fees minus $200 cancellation fee.


Limited scholarships are available for trainees based on their ethnic diversity, financial need, Bronx residency and commitment to volunteer their mediation services to IMCR Dispute Resolution Center.


The Trainer

Dr. Stephen E. Slate, Executive Director of IMCR, is a CDRCP certified and re-certified trainer since 1993. Throughout the years, he has trained hundreds of trainees in both English and Spanish here in the United States as well as in Central and South America. In his three plus decades in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution, he has always considered himself a student rather than an expert in this never-ending learning environment. In 2016 he was nominated to receive the Mediation Settlement Day Frontline Champion Award.

Stephen Slate’s IMCR Basic Mediation Training is EXCELLENT! I ALWAYS refer back to my foundation, as one of Stephen’s Mediation trainees.
Janice Tudy-Jackson,
MSILR, JD, Collaboration & Conflict Management Consultation & Adjunct Faculty, Columbia Law School