IMCR Training Center

The Institute for Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Offering training in non-violent principles and skills, applicable to a broad range of corporate, institutional and multicultural settings.

For over 45 years, IMCR has been training people to effect change by turning conflict into opportunity.
Our training will revolutionize your perspective and transform your organization.
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Corporate / Organizational

Consultation and training to private and public sector organizations.

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International Mediation

Support to international agencies, as well as domestic organizations with outposts abroad.

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Train the Trainer

Designed to keep mediators and trainers up-to-date on the latest methodologies.

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Your team may be filled with talent, but if they can’t resolve disputes – personal or professional – they are not realizing their full potential. Conflict is a natural result of our unique personalities and strengths, but we are taught to avoid, ignore or suppress our disagreements.

At IMCR, we believe conflict can be transformative. Creating a safe and respectful environment to voice dissenting opinions benefits both your organization’s culture and mission. Custom solutions come from listening, engagement and respect. Our multi-faceted training and cohesive methodology allows you to move your team from loggerheads to engagement.

As the veteran in the field, we have time-tested techniques to help you harness the passions and energy behind each conflict, and create custom solutions that strengthen your team. We provide:

Our training methods are transformative.

With our long history and deep academic bench, IMCR has become a think tank for training methods. Our techniques are designed to reach across different learning and cultural styles, and our training sessions include plenty of hands-on practice. And it’s not just about conflict; our techniques help participants become better trainers, no matter the field.

IMCR offers a coherent and highly consistent approach in all our engagements, employing the following 4 steps to ensure an ongoing level of quality:


Interested in Individual Training?

IMCR offers classes for those individuals who wish to become mediators and are not affiliated with a particular organization. To find out more and for a schedule of classes, please click below.

Become a Mediator!

Conflict brings change and new ideas.

“Mediation teaches theories and tools for managing conflict, helps you find the ability to relate to each other, and shows you how to manage your next conflict in a better way. It is amazing to see this transformation.”

— Diana Juettner
Chair, Department of Social Sciences, Mercy College

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